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Dark-Hunter / Chronicles of Nick fans i need help on Caleb Malphas

    ———————————-SPOILERS (maybe?——————————————

So i know that Caleb is Jared’s son atleast i am sure anyway but i have read Styxx over and over and still cant find Caleb or information relating to him please help? Can somebody tell me a page in Styxx where Caleb is or info on him is PLEASE? Im pretty certain Jared is Caleb’s dad anyway.

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I’m not speaking for others, this is my own #opinion..#Suicide isn’t a #selfish act, most of the time its not someone thinking only of themselves its someone thinking of everybody else. Believing that others are better of without them, taking there lives because they feel all they do is cause harm to those around them. It’s a feeling so dark they can’t escape, it needs to be called what it is an #illness..

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Book Review of Dance With The Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Now i read this book years ago but for some reason only now decided to do a review (Sad i know).

The problem with this book is that i have no idea where to start. Sherrilyn Kenyon managed to convey so much emotion and life into this book that while i read it i felt connected with the characters, what Zarek went  through i went through alongside with him.

"Even though she couldn’t really "feel" them, the unreal and muted emotions of the characters comforted her on some level."

It was a traumatic experience and i loved every single moment of it.

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Dead Ever After SPOILERS

Okay so im slightly depressed, since im an avid Eric and sookie fan I am quite upset when I read that they dont end up together.. I mean if its true what the fuck was all the books and fighting for?

I havent bought and only get for Eric and Sookie chemistry so tell me… Worth buying? If not could people tell me what happened to Sookie, Eric, Pam and Bill in the end?

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Every year on valentines day, while I was growing up, my grandad would get me a teddy to show me I am loved.

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Supernatural fans

What are your favourite Sam and Dean moments between season 5 and season 8?

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wether you guys think these eyes are brown, hazel (A hint of browm with grey, blue/green) or Amber (Brown with golden/copper tint)

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When supernatural firsr came out i intended to watch it but things happened in my life and i forgot to but i recently i kept seeing posts on here about the show and the fans made it seem worth trying it out…

Now im addicted to the show and i blame you lot -.- Thanks for bringing those brothers into my life.

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